Programm / Redner

Wir freuen uns, Ihnen die Redner* und Themen* für das Technical Forum 2021 vorzustellen.

*Änderungen vorbehalten.
BlankingARTAZN LLCVishal Agarwal, Ph.DA new and improved brass plating process for ZincSecure™ alloys
ColoringINORCOAT / Teca-Print AG
Romain Waidelich, Daniel Fahl
Coins & medals – Nanotechnology meets pad printing
Commemorative Coin ProductionMint of PolandSiemowit KalukiewiczHigh, higher, high-end. Advanced minting technologies providing truly artistic visual effects
CommunicationSACK & KIESSELBACH Maschinenfabrik GmbHMarkus SchleinVirtual Reality –Augmented Reality –Assisted Reality
General Trends in CashCash MattersAndrea NitscheCash Matters - Now More than Ever
MintingGräbener Pressensysteme GmbH & Co. KGMartin StahlschmidtSMART FEEDING SYSTEMS for Gräbener Medal Presses
MintingRoyal Canadian MintDr. Xianyao LiNew circulation Coins
MintingSchuler PressenWolfgang SchumannSave your Coin - Phase 3 – Inline Inspection
PackagingVELEC SystemsLoïc PolletLatest Innovation implemented in coin packing and coin traceability
SecurityCOINstitute GmbHChristoph Frenz3D-Measuring of Reliefs & Minting Desirable Coins
Surface FinishingSpaleck Oberflächentechnik GmbH & Co. KGIngo LökenCeramic High Definition – A new finishing media to please an old desire
Tool MakingLang GmbH & Co.KGJoachim Steidel, Julian Schmidt
Latest features for Die production
Tool MakingGF Machining Solutions GmbHBenjamin PaganelliLaser engraving for minting dies - achieving finest details thanks to the smallest laser tool <12um
Tool MakingPLATIT AGDr. Juri Wehrs

A newly developed In-House PVD-hard coating system for coining dies – S-MPulse