An Outstanding Outcome In A Wonderful Atmosphere

The Stuttgarter Münzenmesse 2012

On the two fair days on September 22nd and 23rd, 2012 over 2,000 visitors came to the Stuttgart Schleyer-Halle to find out about the latest collector trends, just to browse or find an item they needed for their coin collection. And the many visitors were not the only ones to be inspired. Dealers were more than satisfied with their sales at one of Germany’s largest coin fairs.

Ahead of the fair, the Monaco-Coin-Exchange, as well as others, caused great appeal. At the attraction organized by the Berufsverband des Deutschen Münzenfachhandels every visitor could exchange a ‘normal’ 2-euro coin for a comparatively rare 2-euro coin from Monaco without an additional charge. It’s not surprising that there was great interest on both fair days. “Many coin collectors did not want to miss this wonderful opportunity,” said Michael Becker, the First Chairman of the trade association. He had succeeded in securing a large number of Monaco 2-euro coins especially for the fair.

But there were also many further attractions. Over 100 dealers presented their numerous gems from antique to modern coins. “The feedback from the exhibitors was entirely positive, everybody did good business,” said the fair director, Barbara Balz, commenting on the result of a flash survey of the coin and accessories dealers, publishers and auction houses. Ms Balz was especially pleased by the success of the new fair section for collectors of bills: “There was great interest there; things were really lively!”

The Baden-Württemberg state mints play a prominent role at the coin fair of Baden-Württemberg’s capital: around 40 per cent of all German collector and currency coins are made at the traditional Karlsruhe and Stuttgart mints. What minting was like in past times was something visitors were able to try out for themselves and take a commemorative piece made using the historical spindle press home with them as a souvenir.

The private coin manufactory from Stuttgart, which is specialized in all sorts of medals and special productions such as the Swabian Thaler, invited visitors to a minting demonstration. Right next door, the German Bundesbank explained what error coins and false coins were, using examples “to be touched” – an event that gave rise to plenty of discussion.

There was also an invitation from the Safe Company to Bempfligen on the program for members of the Berufsverband des Deutschen Münzenfachhandels. A tour around the production facilities of one of the largest manufacturers of collector albums and systems was followed by a typical Swabian dinner with wines from Baden-Württemberg.

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