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Experts reporting about the latest technical development in minting

At the world’s most important conference for modern minting technology the focus is on presenting and discussing technical innovations in coin production.

Here you can find the program of the conference – 16 December 2019, subject to modifications.

If you would like to attend the Technical Forum’s interesting program of presentations as an industry professional, you should register here asap.

The annual GET TOGETHER of the Technical Forum attendees and the exhibitors of the World Money Fair Technical Section will be held following the presentations, which allows the guests to discuss technical innovations exclusively and directly with the companies present even before the fair officially opens.

Presentations (Technical Forum 2019)

PDF documents (download)

Ecologic cyanide-free copper plating

Free of Waste Water

Spaleck Oberflächentechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Waste Water Recycling

ACSYS Lasertechnik GmbH
Unleash Laser Frosting

Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH
New coin finishing system – for collector and commemorative coins

Royal Canadian Mint
Next generation circulation coins

Imprensa Nacional – Casa da Moeda (INCM)
A new polymer-metal coin

Schuler Pressen GmbH
Save your Coin

United States Mint
2019 Apollo Commemorative Coin Program –Challenges and Results

Münz-Prägstatt GmbH
Customer satisfaction with Production Planning & Controlling

Mühlbauer GmbH & Co. KG
Modern coin and blank inspection: driving the detection performance with different sensors to its limits

Spookfish UK
Next Generation Coin Inspection: Intelligent Machines

New Solutions for the Inline Quality Control

Mint of Finland Ltd.
The Future of Payments

Presentations (Technical Forum 2018)

PDF documents (download)

ACSYS Lasertechnik GmbH
Free Flowing Laser Design

AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
Coin Inspection Re-invented

Geiger Edelmetalle GmbH
Managing the Giants

Imprensa Nacional – Casa da Moeda (INCM)
Finite Element Based Design Procedure for Correcting the Die Profiles

Locatelli Meccanica
Servo-Hybrid Press – A green solution

Mint of Poland
Improvements and developments in unique curved coin production

Mühlbauer GmbH & Co. KG
New Aspects of Coin Measurement in Quality Inspection

Royal Canadian Mint
Virtual Coining Simulation Technology

Visual Inspection System + Automated Packing System

Tera Automation
Precious Metals Industry Switches to Industry 4.0

United States Mint
Pushback Blanking

Velec Systems
The new frontiers of high-speed coin counting

Presentations (Technical Forum 2017)

PDF documents (download)

CoreBright Technologies
Introduction of new anti-tarnish colored material for circulation coinage

Mint of Finland Ltd.
A real life study: Wear and corrosion rate of electroplated steel coins in circulation

ACSYS Lasertechnik GmbH
Symbiosis in Laser Technology

Spaleck Oberflächentechnik GmbH
A new way to surface finish die bodies prior to the hobbing process

InduVis GmbH
„A Leopard in the mint“ – InduVis double site coin inspection in a fully automated collector /bullion coin line

Mühlbauer Group
The future of visual coin inspection is modular design

Presentation of the first results from R&D activities of a new system for the production of minted coins & ingots starting from “CASTED BLANKS” produced by FLAMELESS TUNNEL®

Aichelin Ges.mbH
Improvement and energy-saving at heat treatment lines for bright annealing

Presentations (Technical Forum 2016)

PDF documents (download)

Cooksongold – Part of the Heimerle + Meule Group
Direct Precious Metal 3D Printing – An introduction for the Numismatic Industry

Royal Canadian Mint
Innovative colour applications for coins

Jarden Zinc Products
Bi-metal Coins

Detection of Counterfeit Coins with Optical Methods and Their Industrial Implementation

ACSYS Lasertechnik GmbH
Security features for coins and medals with laser technology

Digital Sculpting

The Royal Mint
The Future of Craftsmanship in a Technologically Advancing Business

Surface finishing, blasting, consumables, environmental technology

Spaleck Oberflächentechnik
New innovative drying / anti-tarnishing protection methods within the surface finishing process for circulation coin blanks

Gräbener Pressensysteme
High-Speed pick&place system for Gräbener flexmedal ® FM250

Mint of Poland
Tarnishing – No problem any more!

Presentations (Technical Forum 2015)

PDF documents (download)

Royal Australian Mint
Silver Blanks Presentation

Kazakhstan Mint
Study of impact of crystallization parameters (conditions) of the AgCu 92.5 alloy ingots on surface quality of proof-quality coin blanks

The Royal Mint
Coin security: The technical challenges of designing and introducing a new, high value, high profile coin

Velec & South African Mint
SA Mint Fully Automatic Packing Line

Economa Engineering GmbH
New highspeed precision weight checker for blanks and coins

Sack & Kiesselbach
Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Enhanced Feeding Solutions in the Numismatic Coin Production Area

Mint of Poland
Most technically advanced 3Dimension coins

Austrian Mint
Optical 3D micro coordinate system for form and roughness measurement and its use in minting

Miba Coating Group
Environmental and working safety aspects of the PVD coating technology vs. galvanic technology

Pushing the boundaries of visual security

Coin edge inspection – how to integrate in automatic, high throughput processes

INEA + Induvis
New solutions in the inspection of blanks

IPZS (La Zecca)
Stress analysis of the working dies

Royal Canadian Mint
Nano technology for minting applications

ACSYS Lasertechnik GmbH
Modern Coin Design: New Perspectives and Reflections

Oerlikon Metaplas GmbH
The New PVD HI3-Technology: Latest Developments and Potential for Coining Dies.

Presentations (Technical Forum 2014)

Presentation videos (

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PDF documents (download)

Austrian Mint
(R)evolution: Innovation Process & Niobium

Royal Australian Mint
Innovation in Coins

Spaleck CoInstitute
CoinServation – reduce tarnishing of blanks and coins!

Heimerle+Meule Group
Coin Blank Manufacture – Tradition to Modern Innovation

Mint of Finland Ltd.
Cointune pilot project

Visual Coin Security Techniques and Advanced Modeling Techniques

ACSYS Lasertechnik GmbH
Technology comparison between the high-precision Laser system-UV Laser, picosecond and nanosecond laser

Sack & Kiesselbach
Efficient Proof-Coin Production through Servo-Direct-Drive Technology – SspA

Gräbener Pressensysteme GmbH
Bullion coins – GRÄBENER extends the GMP press series

Optical inspection and sorting of coins in circulation

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