Our Guest of Honor 2018: Royal Dutch Mint

We are delighted to welcome the Royal Dutch Mint as Guest of Honor. Steeped in tradition and operating internationally, the Royal Dutch Mint has been setting the highest standards of quality for over 450 years and is active both in minting the official Dutch currency and in manufacturing coins on behalf of national and international banks and private companies. Since being privatized in 2016, the Royal Dutch Mint has operated via a worldwide sales network.

Innovations at the highest standards

With the innovative process of the photorealistic minting technique MPI (minted photo image), the Royal Dutch Mint has opened a range of new design options for itself and its customers. By means of digital image processing, individual motifs with the subtlest of details can be minted in precious metals with a hitherto unknown depth of focus. Thus, for example, unique silvery postage stamps are created that are already captivating the international collector’s market.

Equally innovative is the new gravure printing process MSP (minted security printing), which – as in the printing of banknotes – is used in the minting of coins to insert security features. Details that can be tangibly experienced are incorporated into the surface structure of the individual coins, making it possible to guarantee their distinctiveness and counterfeit safety.

In its commemorative coin programme, also, the Royal Dutch Mint regularly presents innovative new features. Thus, for example, a novel hologram coin was presented in 2004 on the birth of Princess Amalia; together with the image of the young princess, the portrait of her mother, Princess Maxima, and her father, Prince Willem-Alexander, are all united on only one face of the coin. The motifs created with the MVM technique (multiview minting) overlap each other and become visible when the coin is lightly tilted.

Craftsmanship of the highest order

A further speciality of the Royal Dutch Mint is the manufacture of decorations and medals, produced in precious metals and enamelled. These unique precious items also call for the utmost precision and experienced craftsmanship, which the Royal Dutch Mint has been cultivating for over 450 years and which it is constantly expanding through fresh knowledge and innovative technologies.


Image Brochure, Royal Dutch Mint (pdf-document)

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