Welcome to the 43rd Basel Coin Fair

Each year, the traditional numismatic event staged at the congress center of Messe Basel, Switzerland, open the series of the three important Swiss coin shows, of Basel, Bern and Zurich. Held on February 1 and 2, 2014, – one week before the World Money Fair in Berlin – the Basel fair will start off the numismatic year. Basel Coin Fair will boast top-class exhibitors and once again, in 2014, it will be especially focused on the interests of collectors. Visitors coming from Switzerland, Alsace in France and the Southern part of Baden in Germany will not be disappointed.

Immediately upon entering the exhibition halls, the public’s attention will be captured by the attractive booth of DEGUSSA Goldhandel AG from Zurich, the renowned experts for precious metals. Swissmint (151-155), national mint of Switzerland, will offer the first new Swiss coin releases of 2014: The 10-francs bimetal coin ‘Gansabhauet Sursee’ in the series ‘Swiss customs’, the 20-francs silver coin on ’50 years of Patrouille Suisse’, the yearly coin sets including the bimetal coin ‘Gansabhauet’ and the Baby coin set 2014.

Strolling through the exhibition halls, visitors will not only experience 2,500 years of numismatic history but also coin, medallions and paper money from different times and countries. A wide choice of classical numismatic objects of outstanding quality will be on offer. Historical bonds and stocks can be found at tables 31 and 32, and at tables 38 and 39. In the present edition of the fair, numismatic accessories will be in the limelight. The Leuchtturm company from Northern Germany, a renowned provider of accessories, will present its latest top products: A coin capsule providing active oxidation protection and a brand-new macro lens (www.worldmoneyfair.de/bmm/wissenswertes/).

Cultural assets are waiting to be discovered at table 106 with its exhibition about railway medallions, at table 21, where brass models will be engraved, and at tables 30 and 30a where visitors will learn more about the exceptional artist Hans Erni.
For years, Circulus Numismaticus Basiliensis (CNB), the Basel numismatic society, has organized the opening event of Basel Coin Fair. On Wednesday, January 29, 2014, at 7:30 pm, José Diaz will hold a lecture, at Haus zum Hohen Dolder, St.-Alban-Vorstadt 35, about the wallet found with the ‘Dead body from Theodul Pass’, which dates from early modern age.

Basel Coin Fair is well worth attending. Each admission ticket will automatically participate in a large prize draw.

I wish all numismatists an exciting coin fair and I warmly welcome all coin lovers to the border triangle where Switzerland, France and Germany meet.

A.M. Beck
Honorary President World Money Fair

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